YouTube Hacks: How to Hook People in the First 30 Seconds

By Parker Davis

How do Google and YouTube decide whether you video is good enough for the homepage, or whether it comes up in suggested videos? There are a few key metrics involved, but can you guess the most important one? Watch time.

You see, YouTube wants to get the most eyeballs on its videos for the longest amount of time. So if people click your videos and watch 10 minutes of one video, then 5 minutes of another, YouTube loves it. And they’re more likely to feature your videos…

But if viewers are quick to click off, it tells the algorithm to downgrade your video. Then, you’re less likely to appear in search and suggested videos.

Watch time is crucial. The longer people watch your videos, the better.

So, how do you increase your video’s watch time? You need to hook people in at the beginning – specifically in the first 10-30 seconds.

Today, we’ll give you some strategies for doing exactly that. Let’s get into some YouTube hacks.

How to hook people in the first 30 seconds of your video

Keep It Short

The hook should be less than 30 seconds. Otherwise, it’s not really a “hook” – just a drawn out introduction. In general, the quicker you can hook people in, the better.

All you really need is 10-15 seconds for a solid hook.

Then, you should start getting into the “meat” of the video (i.e. the reason people clicked to watch it in the first place.)

Use Visuals

Charisma on Command is a rapidly growing YouTube channel – and they are masters of hooking people in at the beginning of their videos.

One of the ways they do it is through visuals. They post multiple images related to their video topic in the first few seconds, while playing a voice-over.

Check out this video to see how they do it: How Panda 4.0 Might Affect Your Content

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