What You Need to Do Now to Grow Your List on YouTube

By Jason Moore


What does YouTube have to do helping you grow your email list?

Well, a lot actually. By creating video content, you give yourself another place for people to discover you and your business. And the more people see your content and learn about your business, the more people will have the opportunity to sign up to your email list.

So how can you get started?

In this post, I’m going to go over two of the main steps to growing your email list on this popular social channel. The first will be about setting up your YouTube channel so that you can add a link to your sign up form via annotations in your videos.

Then we’ll cover the types of videos you can create to foster that awareness and make people interested enough to either sign up for your email list from the video, or click through to your website.

Step 1) Set up your annotations

Annotations in YouTube are text boxes that you can place at any time in your video. Annotations are one of my favorite list building tools because they allow you to promote a link to your sign up form or incentive during a video.

While you can definitely still add a link to your form in the video description, the benefit of this feature is that you get to promote your list while the viewer is engaging with your content.

And since more people are engaged with the beginning of a video, this also increases the chance that they’ll see your call-to-action.

Annotations can be as simple as a note that gives more information or context to a scene in the video or a link to a website, like this:

In order to link back to your sign up form, you’ll need to verify your account. YouTube offers a simple step-by-step process to do this.

Once verified, setting up an annotation is quick and easy. I could write out the instructions here, but since we’re talking about video (my favorite 🙂 ), I’ll just show you!

Step 2) Identify a video strategy

So, you have your YouTube account verified and can comfortably add annotations. But what are you suppose to say in those videos? Do you just make a video that says “Sign up for my newsletter?”

Maybe. Although that might not make the most interesting video. 🙂

What does make an interesting video though, is relevant content that engages your viewers. As you focus on doing that, you can add annotations with links to your sign up form or lead magnet within your video. The benefit here is that the video content will get your viewers hooked, which might encourage them to sign up to your email list for more valuable information.

When it comes to creating video content, there are lots of different approaches you can take that provide your audience with more insight into what you do and how they can benefit from your product/service.

Some of my favorite types of videos include ones that:

1) Demo your product

Sometimes it’s easier to show then to tell. With a demo video, you can show people why your product or service is valuable. Whether your product is a tangible one or a service (like AWeber), demo videos help people see your business in action.

In this video from Knock, they demo how their product works in a really creative way:

2) Feature a customer testimonial

Customer testimonials can be powerful tools that help your audience better understand your business from the point of view of someone who isn’t part of your business. If I told you, “I make the best cake,” you may think, “Of course he thinks he makes the best cake. We all think we do a great job.”

But if someone else tells you I make the best cake, you may be more inclined to listen.

Here’s a testimonial for Roku, where some of their customers explain how much they love their product:

3) Introduce yourself/your business

A video that explains who you are and what your business is can go a long way in turning a mildly interested viewer into a subscriber. And this is an easy video to make; all you have to do is talk about your business, and how what you offer can benefit the customer. If you’re new to making video, this is a great one to start with.

While not all of us can be as funny and quirky as Dollar Shave Club, the video introducing their business is the best type of this video I’ve ever seen:

4) Share more about your product updates

Coming out with a new product? Adding a new feature to your service? Spread the word with video! Many times, people will use their email newsletter to let their subscribers know that something new has been added.

But what about those who may be following your business and aren’t subscribers?

Product update videos can go a long way into getting the word out about the cool and exciting new things you’ve been working on.

Check out what we here at AWeber have done in the past regarding product updates:

Ready to start growing your list with YouTube?

So what’s next? Get yourself set up with a YouTube channel (if you don’t already have one) and start making a video. Need some guidance on where to start? Check out some of these resources on how to make a screen recording, and how to shoot live video.

Have you see any really great strategies where a business has used YouTube to help spread awareness and grow their email list? Share in the comments below!

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