Use Thank You Pages to Drive Continuous Engagement

By Sezgin Hergul

Unwrapping Marketing Automation

You are a store owner, a really good one – one that knows exactly how to run a business, satisfy customers and make them happy enough to guarantee their return.

In one instance, one of your repeat customer Paul approaches to you to check out. You get the payment and hand out the item to Paul and say ‘Thanks for shopping from us!’.

And while you do this, you may or may not think about why you do that, since you ‘thank’ each and every customer you have in your store.

Same thing goes for the online world, but this time with a little more detail.

Thank You pages, or confirmation pages, are the second step your visitors see right after they opt-in through your landing pages.

A good marketer knows that when a subscriber is generated, it’s just the beginning of a long journey. Every time you get new subscribers, you create opportunities. Aside from being a Unwrapping Marketing Automation

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