Use A Loyalty Program To Boost Newsletter Engagement

By Jessica Mizerak


There are many ways to excite your email subscribers. Curious? Then let me show you how a loyalty program can help you generate excitement and boost newsletter engagement, in five great ways.

1) Dear loyalty member, we have amazing news for you

A loyalty program is the pot of gold in e-commerce and retail marketing. You may think it’s all about offering free shipping and discounts for customers. Well, that’s just plain wrong! Modern loyalty programs aim to excite customers and engage them on all of your channels – and that certainly includes your newsletters. Let me provide a great example:

Imagine this. There’s an online sports nutrition store where you love to shop. The prices are reasonable and you can easily find the perfect products by reading their reviews. And you’re also a loyalty member. Now, what would be the fastest way for the store to notify you about early access to a new line of protein bars or that your favorite body builder will hold an autograph session at one of the stores near you? Via email, of course! How can you make it happen?

  1. Collect data: In order to earn some more loyalty points, customers can fill out forms their interests, like favorite athletes or the types of products that most interest them. (Bye-bye, stuffy, old-fashioned loyalty programs that only reward purchases!)
  2. Create segments: Once you have that data, you can segment customers with it, and import the lists to your email marketing provider.
  3. Start your campaigns: Now you can send out any kind of update to specific groups of customers. The point here is that it gives you a way to send updates that customers are really interested in. Relevance for the win!

Okay, but who’s to say this really works? Well, according to How to Build a Profitable Customer Loyalty Program #Whitepaper

  • Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing
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