Top 8 Mistakes People Make with Marketing Automation

By Michael Brenner

Setting the Goals for Your Marketing Automation Program

There is no definitive ‘right’ way to achieve success through marketing automation, but there certainly are quite a few wrong ways. I’ve compiled a few of the top marketing automation mistakes people make. Make sure you aren’t making any of them!

1. Being inorganic

One of the primary dangers of marketing automation is also one of its key elements: automation. A successful marketing automation program requires a light touch. It requires communications which mimic real, human interaction while retaining the labor-saving advantage of automation.

Use templates and scheduled messaging, by all means, but make sure you have a human being creating and proofing each message. Customers don’t like to feel that they are communicating with a bot. Give them something of genuine value which feels like pure, personal communication.

2. Flipping the wrong personal switches

If you are irritating your customers and prospects with poor quality communication or with too high a volume of messages, then you are doing marketing automation all wrong.

The whole idea of MA is not simply to get your voice heard as often and as loudly as possible – and to stick in the audience’s mind in any way you can – it is to create meaningful bonds between your organization and your prospects or customers.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Setting the Goals for Your Marketing Automation Program

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