Top 5 Tips for Improving International SEO

By Peter Davidson

4 Ways to Align Your Content Marketing Strategy With Your Mission

Most companies dream of expanding abroad and many find that they receive international visitors without really targeting them. But many are unable to achieve significant brand recognition outside of their country of origin, despite marketing abroad. Why is this?

Many companies copy and paste their marketing from one country to another without considering how it works across different countries and cultures. This huge mistake can destroy their international SEO.

Let’s find out how to fix this!


The most important thing that you can do to improve your international SEO is investing in a professional (human!) translator to translate your content into foreign languages. After all, if you’re trying to appeal to a wider audience, it would be good if they could actually read your content.

For best results, have your translator translate the non-visual SEO elements, like ALT text for your images, as well as your blog posts, emails, and newsletters. Your title and description Metatag are particularly important as these are what appears in the search results. Having these in one language, but content in another will result in a very bad conversion rate.

Why does it have to be a human translator? After all, they can cost a lot of money and take a lot longer than an electronic translator.

Well, it’s because even the best translation app or service will translate each word or very short phrase individually, with no care for idioms or words with dual meaning, turning your masterpiece into a confusing, jumbled mess.

To see for yourself, take any sentence/paragraph/section from this article, translate it into any foreign language, and then translate it back. Did work, didn’t it?

So hire a human translator or you might end up on a list of 4 Ways to Align Your Content Marketing Strategy With Your Mission

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