The Role Of ESPs In Email Deliverability

By Anna Ward


Our Deliverability Team gets questions like this all the time:

  • “Why is my bounce total higher in ESP X?”
  • “Why are my open rates lower when I switched to ESP Y?”

These are excellent questions. In the email industry, deliverability and engagement rates are key. If people aren’t receiving the email and acting on it, what’s the point?

But when comparing and trying out a new email service provider (ESP), you have to expect differences in your engagement rates. The kicker is to know what these differences mean and how to accommodate for them.

Calculating Engagement

The most obvious difference between the open or delivered rate is how the ESP defines those terms. For example, GetResponse will count someone who clicked toward your open rate, since that’s evidence they’ve opened the email as well.

There’s also different formulas for open and click rate, which can vary if you’re calculating the opens out of the “sent” total (total of original recipients) or the “delivered” total (total of original recipients minus bounces). GetResponse GetResponse Email Solutions Team is back from MAAWG Barcelona

  • Email Client Stats: Now Available in GetResponse
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