The Rise Of New Business Apps Called ‘Bots’

By Jini Maxin


It’s early Sunday morning and you are feeling ultra famished. The light drizzle outside has only got your hunger pangs sooooooaring. No matter what, you desperately wish to sink your teeth into super luscious, delicious, crispy Domino’s Pizzas, right away. There you go!

Nope! You don’t make a call this time. Instead, you launch your Facebook Messenger app, reach Dom, (hey! That’s Domino’s chatbot) and you simply post a pizza emoji in the form of a message. Bingo! Your order is on the way.

Yep! With technology flexing its muscles like never before, it stands to reason that businesses are trashing apps and turning to bots to serve customer requirements. Not surprisingly, bots and bots shops are mushrooming.

According to Forrester, people delete 80% of their apps after the first use, and most spend 84% of their time in only five apps each month. Businesses have come to realize that creating yet another app could prove to be an exercise in futility. So, rather than going out on a limb and spending money on developing yet another app, businesses feel safe engineering bots for messaging apps.

What are chatbots?

The explanation is hidden in the name itself. Chat and Bots – Chatting with Robots, that is, in layman terms. To give it a slight formal touch: Chatbot is a basic form of artificial intelligence software that talks with humans and answers their queries in a lifelike manner. When a customer poses a question, within a matter of minutes, a bot sifts through a reservoir of company data to derive an answer.

Fair enough. But then, how would a bot help in case a new issue pops up? In such cases, where deeper intelligence is required, the bot will direct the customer to an expert.

So, the conjecture that bots are the new apps, and that it could be the future face of customer service, going forward, is not entirely wrong.

Still confused? Okay, let gets this straight with a video example.

Here we go…

Spring Bot

Mobile-first eCommerce retailer Spring launched Spring bot, to act as a personal shopping concierge, to customers on Facebook’s Messenger app.

To help customers begin with their clothes-buying process, Spring bot, first of all, inquires from customers on the kind of products he or she is interested in, and then comes up with an amazing array of options for them to choose from. The bot works the same way for shoes, accessories and things like that. Customers choose products by exploring the thumbnails that come with links attached.

“Customers aren’t spending their time on a sprawl of apps anymore,” spoke Spring founder Alan Tisch to 11 Essential Marketing Apps for Small Business Owners

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