The Must Have Starting Point for Marketing Automation

By Barry Feldman

Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

Hey, Barry here, your anti-expert in marketing automation. I’m learning it with you. Fun, fun, fun.

Seriously, if I yack on about it as if I’m the mighty ninja of marketing automation, you’ll call my bluff and bail. I came clean in an eBook I wrote for GetResponse, or the image above for your free cheat sheet.

Sell these things

Your lead magnet might sound good and look good, but it doesn’t sell itself. So now we’ll look at effective ways to showcase your offer and succeed with your email list building efforts.

Landing page — The proven way to capture email leads with a lead magnet is through a landing page, which showcases your free resource. Make your form fast and easy to complete by requesting only the data you need.

The page above has not yet been customized, but is a readymade template from GetResponse designed expressly to publish landing pages to capture email addresses via lead magnet offers.

Pop-ups — Pop-ups are commonplace now and less repulsive to users. They’re offered by a slew of services, paid and free, in a variety of forms with various features. And they work.

Feature box or banner — A feature box is basically a row on your site —generally on the home page. It functions like a pop-up, but it’s a permanent fixture.

Preview page — Another approach gaining momentum is the pre-homepage preview page, which dominates the page and offers a lead magnet and/or subscription.


Membership page — Create a valuable collection of content on a specific topic, promote it all on a single page, and make it available exclusively to those who opt-into a free membership.

Sidebar — Use your marketing automation or email service provider to place a form in the sidebar of your home page, blog or anywhere across your website and showcase a specific lead magnet there as you would on a landing page.

Call to action (CTA) boxes — Place CTA boxes, without forms, on select pages. A click directs the reader to a landing page where they can opt-in.

Videos — Create a free, ungated video and insert an offer within it at the halfway mark or end.

Content upgrades in blogs — Content upgrades capture email addresses from blog readers. Somewhere in your post you offer an additional free asset, which is a bonus of some sort.

Guest blogs — Publish a guest post on a relevant blog and offer one of your lead magnets by including a link to it in your author bio.

Social media — Feature your lead magnets in social media updates or run ads on social media channels.

12 Ways to promote your lead magnets

You need to promote your lead magnets and can do so in a variety of ways. Here’s a healthy list of ideas worth trying and testing.

On your website:

  • Homepage — Your homepage is the traffic center of your site, so add a feature your offer on it.
  • Resource page — When you have multiple lead magnets you can centralize them as a convenience for you audience on a resource page and highlight new ones with top placement.
  • Blog — Direct readers to your lead magnets from your main blog index page as well as each relevant post.


Lead magnets, such as this “10-step guide” are often promoted onsite and in sidebars on key pages.

On social media channels:

  • Cover photo Feature your lead magnet in your Facebook and Twitter cover photos.
  • Updates — Post often using different CTAs and images that link to the landing page of your lead magnet.
  • Social media ads — Experiment with Facebook ads or ads on the social media where your audience spends time.
  • LinkedIn profile — Your LinkedIn profile accommodates a variety of media and it’s an ideal place to promote lead magnets.
  • Pinterest Pin an image and description of your lead magnet on Pinterest.
  • YouTube — Make a quick video about your offer and add it to your YouTube channel.

On other channels too:

  • Email — Announce the availability of new lead magnets by sending email notices to your
  • Webinars — Offer webinars related to your lead magnet or mention them as a bonus for registering.
  • Speaking engagements When you speak or participate in a panel be sure the audience is aware you have a free and valuable bonus for them.

Create a starting point and you’re ready to go

Ground zero for marketing automation is email list building. The proven way to build email lists is to create, publish and promote valuable content in the form of a lead magnet.

Last but not least

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can collect data from prospects with generic “give me your email” forms. They won’t. Give your prospects a compelling reason to give you their email address and they will. Then, your marketing automation process is a “go.”

Back to you

Please share your thoughts and views in the comment section below. I’d love to know what you think.

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