The How and Why of Reviews and Testimonials on Your Storefront

By Christina Coons

Customer testimonials are critical for e-commerce. We’ll explain why – and how you can incorporate them.

Quick question – whose opinion of a product would you trust more?

  1. A long-time friend who you know is both passionate and knowledgeable
  2. A fellow shopper
  3. A salesperson.

If you’re like most people, you’d trust the first one implicitly, and still take the second over a sales representative. That’s doubly true on the Internet, where reviews are a critical part of the selling process. Think, for instance, about the last five purchases you made online.

Before you finalized them, you likely did a bit of research into what other people had to say about the product. You sought out reviews by both published reviewers and fellow consumers. And finally, once you made the purchase, perhaps you even wrote a review of your own.

Why reviews matter

Consider: Increase Engagement Using Ratings and Reviews: Infographic

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