The Funniest Brands In Online Marketing

By Matthew Yeoman

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If you have paid any attention to some of the biggest online marketing campaigns you’ll know one thing for sure: Funny sells online. This is because laughter is deeply connected to happiness, and emotions are what truly drive people to share content. If you’re looking to use emotions to drive your online marketing, ‘happy’ is a good one for your customers to feel. Who wants them to feel scared? Or angry? No one outside of politics, I’ll say that.

To inspire you to bring the funny in your own online marketing I’m going to look at 3 brands who have nailed it:

  1. Dollar Shave Club
  2. Mountain Dew
  3. Old Spice

Each one of these 3 brands have made very funny content. This has driven their shares and brand engagements, while making millions of people smile.

Funny brands drive huge shares and engagement online

Dollar Shave Club: The viral video that launched an empire

And a very well groomed empire at that! The Dollar Shave Club was a brand that nobody, anywhere, knew anything about. They also had a sales strategy that was unfamiliar: You essentially bought a monthly subscription, like you would a magazine, for razors sent right to your house. The appeal was that the razors were cheap and convenient, the catch was that you only bought their razors.

To explain their brand concept to people, and for getting that message out there, they made one of the all-time funniest branded viral videos:

Okay, that may have seemed like a lot of silliness, but it was very, very clever marketing. Let’s break it down:

  • Mike introduces himself, and his brand.
  • He tells the viewer exactly what the company does.
  • He uses an obscenely memorable slogan that’s spit-out-your-milk funny.
  • Bursting through an orange paper door he takes us out into the factory, shows us the product, and starts making jokes about how easy it is to use.
  • “I’m good at tennis.”
  • “Looking good, Pop-pop.”
  • Absurdly huge knife laugh combined with a pointless bear, both of which drive home the fact they’re going to deliver the product to you.
  • More jokes are made about how they’re growing and creating new job opportunities, making you feel good about yourself amidst all the laughter that’s already making you feel good.
  • Mike reminds you, after all those laughs, that he wants to save you money.
  • Mike makes an auditory call to action to visit his website by saying the address.
  • A party starts with an awesome, and silly, song: “I drive like a gangsta when I’m coming to see you…”

The video then closes with the brand logo, and displays the URL. Yes, we had a lot of laughs along the way, but we also learned about Dollar Shave Club. When you’re creating your funny video, don’t forget that you’re also trying to market your brand. Insert it subtly, just like Mike did, and when it goes viral it will get some serious brand recognition done for you, and drive some traffic.

Still laughing, but think you’re laughing at them? While hipsters are trying to ruin men’s faces with your great grandfather’s facial hair on a 20 year old, DSC was $90 million/year brand in just four years:

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