The Essential Guide For Creating Strong Content

By Kristina Petrick

How To Integrate Email Marketing With Your Social Media Campaigns

Much like the chocolate chips in your cookie or the dressing on your salad, content is the stuff. Good content helps consumers to distinguish your brand from your competitors. Content marketing is one of the most prominent digital strategies that businesses can employ to generate leads and build brand awareness. Social media, blogs, videos and visuals are the elements that help a business to stand out.

Content marketing is also one of the most cost effective ways to generate leads without breaking the budget, which is why Content Marketing Institute reported 88% of B2B and 76% of B2C marketers integrate content marketing into their business strategy. According to the same report, one of the main challenges that companies admitted to in 2016 was producing more engaging content. To keep your consumers coming back for more, this guide will help your business to outline a content marketing plan that will result in more engagement.

Always, always, always, strategize

What is a content marketing strategy with no strategy? Last year, again reported by the .

What does your research show you about how to put together a video or an article for you audience? What are they attracted to? Find ways to integrate what you’ve learned into your overall content marketing plan. Include a color scheme with vibrant colors or stick a minimalistic style to appeal to specific audience. Include exciting titles that will draw in your target audience. When you’re brainstorming remember to reinforce your content with statistics.

Neil Patel, who is a Twitter influencer and a columnist for Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post notes“Your posts and content marketing must be data backed.” Make it relevant to current industry news and include timely information about your market. Most importantly, keep your ideas flowing because brainstorming is a continuous and integral part of producing strong content.

Content is creative

Developing a content strategy requires as much creativity as it does logic. Think about different ways to present your content to consumers. For B2B, one of the most effective content marketing tactics is events. How can your business utilize that practice and put a creative spin on it? Will you have gift bags with candy in your company colors? Will you host your event at an unexpected venue? Maybe a surprise guest speaker revered in your industry? Go to different events and generate new ideas about how these occasions should be held. Draw inspiration from everywhere to keep your brand fresh and interesting.

But most importantly, be original!

The best way to draw in an audience and keep them is to develop content that no one else can. If you’re continuously taking images, slogans, or ideas from other places without producing any of your own, people will notice. Your content marketing plan is unique to your business so what you produce must be unique as well. Take your own images, build your own community and conduct your own research. Why be a second rate version of someone else when you can be a first rate version of yourself? The same applies to your content!

The takeaway

  • Have a strategy
  • Research about different aspects of your industry
  • Set a timeline for your objectives and stick to it
  • Brainstorm and think of new ideas that your business can leverage
  • Be creative and draw inspiration from everywhere
  • Be original

Back to you

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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