The 7 Main Characteristics Of Shareable Content

By Amy Cowen


Have you ever wondered about the factors that made content shareable? Is there a special secret, or should you just write a random post and leave everything to chance? The truth is, you can never be 100% certain that the audience will love to share the piece you’re working on. Nevertheless, there are certain features you can pay attention to, so you’ll increase the chances of getting your content shared.

In the continuation, you’ll find a list of common characteristics of popular posts, which trigger engagement.

Shareable content entertains

A called The Psychology of Sharing, which showed that over 90% of social media users assessed the usefulness of the piece prior to sharing it. People share content they found valuable, so they could contribute to solving other people’s problems.

If, for example, you intend to write an article on anxiety, you need to make it extremely useful for the target audience. Instead of investigating the factors that lead to such state and throwing numbers that show how many people are struggling with anxiety, you should put such information in the shade of actionable advice on how to surpass the struggles and start living an anxiety-free life. This advice should be very practical and different from what everyone else in the niche offers.

How-to content is very actionable and practical. Pay attention to the most frequently asked questions among your target audience, and think of the most useful tips that lead them to solutions. This type of content generates more organic traffic from search engines, but it also triggers people to click the share button.

Shareable content promises rewards

Marketing is all about incentives. When people are ready to read something, they ask themselves: “what will I get from it?” Incentive theory is pretty simples: people’s actions are driven by rewards.

If you want people to share your content, you should give something in return. Discounts or free eBooks are always nice incentives. You can also give the sharers access to exclusive content that’s not available for every visitor at the website. Another way to attract shares is by organizing a giveaway to random website visitors who share the post on Facebook.

Shareable content affirms causes and beliefs

When people share content on their social media profiles, they tend to choose something that defines them as individuals. They want to show who they are, what they believe in, and what they care about. When they support causes, they share content that affirms their point of view.

If you want to increase the number of shares you get, try to understand what your target audience believes in, and then create a piece that resonates with people’s personalities. If, for example, your audience consists of rock music aficionados, create a well-researched piece that shows how rock music makes the listener smarter and more attentive to details.

If you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the process of creating shareable content, remind yourself that you’re working on something that will improve the lives of the readers. Your job is to make the content as valuable and informative as possible. Then, you can leave the shares to the audience.

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