Smart Social Trends For Small Bussinesses

By Mary Grace


Small businesses are hard to market for. Many options are only viable on a large scale. Whether you’re the guy who makes the donuts around the block or the guy in the van who fixes my bike when it breaks down, social media and word of mouth are probably huge parts of your small business. And that’s a great place to start marketing from. If you’re looking to start your social media, or engage and entice new users to stay, here are some tips to distributing consistent, engaging content that is key to your success. Major Key.

What Are You On?

While consistent, relevant posts that link back to your own website for more information is a pretty solid rule for all social media, each one has their own style and face. Getting contact information and traffic from a post that incentivizes users to share and engage with your content is a great goal, but How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

  • Instagram Tips From Celebrity Chefs To Engage Your Audience
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