Release Notes: Bringing the Data with AWeber Stats 2.1

By Tom Tate


How do you if know your email marketing strategy is effective?

With data, of course. Sweet, sweet data.

Fortunately, viewing the performance of your emails just got a heck of lot easier.

Discover what’s working with AWeber Stats

Our recent release of AWeber Stats 2.1 – the ultimate email marketing analytics app – brings all-new data visualizations to help you understand the performance of your emails and identify opportunities to optimize them.

“When we set out to improve the Stats experience, we spent a lot of time listening to the needs of email marketers,” says AWeber’s product manager, Meghan Nesta.

“At first, we encountered a desire to learn more about email marketing performance by bubbling up key data points. Our customers are busy entrepreneurs. They don’t have time to pour through every nook and cranny of their analytics,” she adds. “With Stats, we’re elevating the right information so you don’t have to dig for it.”

Stats App 2.1 Screenshot

What’s new?

For this recent release, we incorporated the feedback we heard from email marketers and customers. As a result, the team primarily focused on overhauling the presentation of Broadcast stats.

View more key metrics at-a-glance

From the moment you open the Stats app, you can see essential email marketing metrics right away.

Simply tap the Broadcast icon, and you’ll get a glimpse of list-level stats like open and click-through rates for all sent broadcasts. You’ll also see the percentage of complaints and bounces for those emails.

As you continue scrolling, you can view more detailed metrics for individual broadcasts, including the total number of subscribers who received the email, send time, open rate, click-through rate and percentage of complaints.

And with that kind of juicy data, you can extract important insights about what’s working and what isn’t working in your emails – and more importantly, figure out ways to get your subscribers more engaged with your content.

If you notice your open rates decreasing, for example, that might mean it’s time to test a new approach to writing subject lines.

Or if you have a low click-through rate, you may want to try changing the color of your call-to-action button.

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Understand where subscribers are opting out

The latest updates to Stats 2.1 also allows you to easily view the total number of unsubscribes by list and individual broadcasts sent. Viewing your open and click-through rates alongside your unsubscribe data will help you best understand what content your customers are engaging with, and what content is causing others to opt-out of your emails.

“No one likes unsubscribe stats,” Meghan says. “Seeing how many people opted-out can be a bummer, but we know that learning from the emails that people didn’t like is one of the most effective ways to tweak your strategy and send awesome emails that’ll delight your audience.”

One powerful tactic that’ll allow you to send relevant and contextual emails subscribers will love? Segmentation.

You can segment subscribers based on links they’ve clicked or messages they’ve opened. You can even create segments based on which emails subscribers didn’t open, or more specific attributes like geographical location or custom field selections.

If you find that a particular email didn’t garner a significant number of opens, for example, you might re-send an email to a segment of subscribers that didn’t open the email – but with a different subject line.

Find trends, test changes

Using Stats, you’ll be able to quickly find trends and performance indicators.

Perhaps you notice messages sent at a certain time perform better than others, or that differences in your subject lines yield higher open rates. Or maybe emails that promote certain products have higher click-through rates, while emails without a strong call to action yield unsubscribes.

You’ll never know until you dig into the data, and with the Stats app, you’ll be able to demystify your email analytics and identify opportunities to improve performance that can help grow your business.

Need a few ideas to tweak your emails after you’ve learned more about its performance?

Check out our 18 tried-and-true ways to improve your email content, and learn how to keep your subscribers engaged. Whether it’s writing a more compelling call-to-action, or including interactive elements like GIFs or video thumbnails, you’ll be sure to find some ideas to make your stats shine.

Download Stats today

While I’ve only highlighted our latest updates, the AWeber Stats app also includes subscriber details, follow up stats, the ability to preview sent and scheduled broadcasts and much more.

If you’re an AWeber customer, check out Stats for free on Android or iOS. Simply install the app on your phone or tablet, log in with your AWeber username and password and get instant access to all of your data.

Not an AWeber customer? Sign up for a 30-day free trial so you can take advantage of our AWesome email marketing features such as email automation, subscriber segmentation, and of course, Stats 2.1!

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