Quick Tips Video: How to Use Webinars to Grow Your Email List

By Monica Montesa

Webinars have become a must-have marketing tactic for many business owners over the years. And it’s obvious why: they’re great for raising brand awareness and educating your audience in an interactive way.

But did you know that webinars can also help you grow your email list?

If not, you’ll definitely want to check out the latest Quick Tips episode to see how you can get started:

Missed something in the video? Here’s the transcript:

Olivia (O): Hi, I’m Olivia.

Monica (M): And I’m Monica. Welcome to this week’s episode of AWeber Quick Tips.

O: If you have a product to show off or a service to promote, webinars are an effective way to get your audience engaged while building up your email list.

M: People love webinars because they make it easy to learn about your product and its benefits or the ease of your service through slides and screen sharing.

O: Webinars are also pretty timely – you can schedule them for a specific date and time, plus, they’re interactive, meaning your viewers can get their questions answered in real time.

M: But most importantly, for you, your audience has to sign up to save their spot – which makes it easy for you to stay in touch with them post-webinar with more information about your product or service.

O: So let’s start with the basics, how do you get people to sign up to watch your webinar?

M: It helps to have a dedicated landing page that focuses just on your webinar. Here’s a quick checklist of what you should include on that page:

O: Give a brief description of what the webinar is all about, using bullets to give an overview of the topics you’ll be covering.

M: Make sure the date and time are easy to read so people can mark it in their calendar.

O: Add some information about yourself and your company so people know that you’re the authority on the topic you’re presenting.

M: And be sure to make it super simple to sign up with a simple form so viewers can register their spot to view your webinar.

O: But always let them know that you’ll be adding them to your email list, and the types of emails they can expect from you.

M: If you’re ever stumped for landing page ideas, check out LeadPages collection of webinar templates to help you get inspired. They’re easy-to-use and will let you get started quickly, so you can start capturing new webinar registrants right away.

O: You can even try recording a short video to tease your webinar, giving viewers a hint of your magnetic personality, and the type of information they can expect to see in the full presentation. This is also a useful tool for your social and email promotions, too!

M: So now that you’ve got people to sign up for your webinar from your landing page, how can you use email to keep in touch with them?

O: The number one question you’ll hear after running a webinar is: Where can I watch a recording of the webinar?

M: That’s right, people might want to rewatch your webinar to make sure they didn’t miss any of the great information. We recommend sending them a broadcast email with links to the recording, or a PDF of the slide deck you used in your presentation.

O: And since you’ve already educated them about your product, your follow up emails should include more information into why your product is the right choice for them. Include things like case studies or an even more comprehensive view of the features.

M: Or you can even reward viewers with an exclusive coupon or offer to help prompt a sale!

O: Definitely! Well, that’s it for today, but we wanted to leave you with a Quick Task:

M: If you’re already doing webinars, try setting up a series of follow up messages for your attendees, or even tweak a series you already have running.

O: And if you’re not doing webinars yet, now is the time to try it out!

M: If you’d like to share your own webinar strategy, be sure to leave us a comment.

O: And subscribe to our Youtube channel, so you never miss an episode.

M: Thanks for watching! We’ll see you back here in two weeks for the next Quick Tips!

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