Productivity Tips For Small Business Teams

By Alexa Lemzy


Small business teams have big responsibilities. Employees often perform duties and take on tasks that go beyond their job descriptions. When things start to get busy, more mistakes and oversights tend to occur. So, how can team members stay at the top of their game, even when the pressure’s on?

Inefficiency really starts to show during busy periods. If your company has a system that only functions well when things are calm, but can’t hold up when work starts to pile up, then it’s time to reconfigure some processes.

To keep up the pace when things get hectic, make sure your communication is clear and efficient, employees are prioritizing the right tasks, meetings and other events are actually useful and not just a waste of time.

Here are some key productivity tips to consider:

Prioritize tasks

Tackling tasks in a way that maximizes efficiency often isn’t an intuitive habit and takes some time and effort to cultivate. Most people have the habit of knocking out mundane or easy tasks first and procrastinating on more complicated tasks. Prioritization means that you consider which tasks are the most urgent, not which tasks are the easiest for you to do. Wasting time on less urgent work and skimping on relevant work means productivity suffers.

Take breaks

Including breaks in your daily work is essential for maintaining energy and cognitive function. Five Habits That Will Significantly Improve Your Productiveness

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