Optimizing Landing Pages for Lead Generation

By John Waldron

Digital marketing campaigns involve more than just blogging, posting on social media, or streaming video content on YouTube and similar platforms. Promoting products or services and creating brand awareness through various channels is fine – but at the end of the day, it’s the sum of every completed transaction that will swell your coffers and keep your business, well… in business.

“Closing the deal” is a key element in this process, and an attractive landing page geared towards generating new leads to funnel through to the next phase in completing transactions is an essential thing to have.

What’s so great about a landing page?

Besides providing a forum to introduce prospective buyers to your latest and greatest product, world-class service, or must-have publication? This type of promotional web page also includes a mechanism (usually some kind of form or opt-in field) where visitors are strongly encouraged to leave a valid piece of contact information about themselves in exchange for some kind of wonderful, free or extremely low-cost give-away.

You read that correctly. On a landing page, you’re essentially giving stuff away in exchange for your visitor’s contact details.

And lead generation?

Those contact details you collect from (hopefully all) your landing page visitors represent potential leads for your marketing campaign. After all, they’ve come from people who have taken the time to assess what you have to offer – and who have expressed an interest in what you have to say, by signing up. So it’s fair to assume that they’ll be receptive to further contact from your organization.

But how can you increase the chances that visitors to your landing page will:

  1. Take the time to assess and digest what’s there, and
  2. Leave their names and email addresses (or whatever), then click on that big, shiny Call to Action button of yours?

Here are some attributes and strategies for a landing page that’s optimized for lead generation.

Clear & contrasting

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