Most Announcement Emails Suck

By Aaron Orendorff


The vast majority of “Announcement Emails” suck. They’re a barren wasteland of same-old, same-old:

“New items in stock!”

“We’re growing our company!”

“Happy Holidays!”

It isn’t that you and your business don’t have anything worthwhile to share… but like other marketing techniques, we tend to get stuck in a rut.

The problem with lame announcement emails is that they’re the exact opposite of what actually works. Standing out in today’s flooded inboxes, i.e., getting opened and clicked, only happens when you, well, stand out.

The good news is your announcement emails don’t have to suck. All it takes is a little thoughtfulness and a splash of creativity. If you’re getting ready to send out another stock announcement … stop.

Instead, grab ahold of one of these five stand-out announcement emails.

1) The Frequently-Asked-Questions Email

Almost every website has a list somewhere of frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, very few businesses take advantage of what a goldmine FAQs are for announcement emails and content marketing in general.

The problem is FAQs are usually buried somewhere deep in recesses of your website. However, instead of hiding your answers… leverage them to create emails that are virtually guaranteed to engage your list.

For instance, marketing mastermind Neil Patel gets thousands of questions every month. However, when I asked him what his most-frequent FAQ is — whether on social, through blog comments, or directly via email — he responded:

“By far, the number one question I get is, ‘How do you create a money making blog?’ In fact, that question was the inspiration behind my year-long project Using Psychology to Drive Conversion in Your Emails #FreebieMonday

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