Marketing Automation Basics: 17 Tips For Getting Started [Ebook]

By Barry Feldman

Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

Marketing automation is the future of marketing. But it can be intimidating when you’re first getting started. Even the basics can seem overwhelming.

But, as always, there are tricks to getting away from the overwhelm. And sometimes, getting started with automation is best done on paper – or whatever your favorite system of preparation happens to be – before you start in on using a marketing automation system.

Marketing basics – like knowing who your customer is – never change. Neither do necessities like having marketing goals. And this is why good planning is essential. So, start by going back to basics:

  • What’s the return on investment (ROI)
  • Who’s my customer?
  • What’s my customer’s journey?

A few important notes about getting started with marketing automation… before you even touch the software.

  • ROI does not have to mean sales. If ROI, for you, means saving time or reducing labor costs, that’s great and perfectly valid. Increasing sales is one way of measuring ROI, but certainly not the only way.
  • Who is your customer? Do you have personas created? A huge part of marketing automation is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. You can’t do that if you don’t know who your “right person” is.
  • Map out your customer journey. What actions trigger what piece of content at what time? This is where pencil and paper come in handy. Write out the actions, the timing, and the pieces of content. When you’re all done with this, guess what? You have your first marketing automation workflow sketched out.

This Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

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