Making the First Move: The Role of Marketing Automation in a Proactive Business

By Michael Brenner

Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

No one wants to be a reactive person, closing the proverbial gate after the proverbial horse has bolted. Instead, we want to be ahead of the curve, performing actions informed by instinct and keenly-honed knowledge, predicting problems and implementing solutions before they can even affect us.

Unfortunately, this is so often not the case. Businesses grow, problems come thick and fast, and those solutions are suddenly not so forthcoming. The workload grows too much and we fall behind, frantically throwing buckets under leaky ceilings in an effort to stay afloat. The dream of proactivity has died an untimely death.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Marketing automation holds the key we need to return to those days of being proactive. To make our businesses, and ourselves, proactive rather than reactive, we need automation.

Automated structures

It’s an old analogy but it’s a useful one nonetheless; running a business is like spinning plates. We rush around, back and forwards, keeping each plate in the air. When we get one moving, another starts to slip, so we dart around frantically, reacting each time one of our precious plates starts to wobble.

The truth is, from a purely mechanical point of view, reacting really isn’t that hard. We just need to wait for a stimulus, which, in this case, is the falling plate. Anyone can react, it is just a case of getting to the right place at the right time.

It is far more difficult – or, at least, it requires far more knowledge and skill – to predict a future occurrence and to act accordingly. When we look at it like this, it becomes obvious; being reactive and running a business in this way is a waste of our time.

So, instead of finding yourself in this situation like the poor guy stuck spinning plates in a tired analogy, why not leave the ‘reactive’ tasks to an automated system? Let’s take lead generation as an example and see how this concept can be applied.

No success ever came from a wholly reactive lead generation and nurturing campaign. However, there are elements which can be handled reactively, elements like lead scoring. After acquiring a lead – through either inbound or outbound methods – we can use automated systems to track their behavior, fulfilling a menial, reactive task with the minimum of fuss.

This is a huge labor-saver, leaving us free to simply collect the data from the automated system – which keeps chugging away collecting information on the leads we generate – and apply its insight as we Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

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