Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns More Effective With These 8 Tips

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Email serves as an oasis of peace and tranquility in an ocean of chaos. As a precision targeted marketing strategy, it’s hard to beat. However, it is not easy to tap into that power. You have to do it right or else you will end up spending time and money on a strategy that will get you precisely… nowhere. Here are 8 tips for how to make your email marketing strategy really work.

1) Use the double opt-in method

The double opt-in method for collecting email addresses involves having your visitors confirm their subscription to the email list after they enter their email address in your subscription form on your landing page.

Most people would say that the alternative, single opt-in, would make it easier to grow an email database, but the fact is you can’t be sure about the validity of the emails you’re getting. Some people just want to take whatever you’re offering that they perceive as valuable to them without sharing their real email. It could also be a spam bot, which will just waste your substance.

Using the double opt-in method ensures that the email addresses you get are real, and that your subscribers are truly willing to commit, and most likely to engage when it comes right down to business. The double opt-in method helps you avoid being sent to the spam folder, especially if you include interesting visuals. Duplicate Subscriptions – GetResponse 6.0

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