Living Off the List: The Successful Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle

By Terrel Brinkley

Life comes at us hard. We all can attest to that. So what I have to share today takes a stand against modern day slavery. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much? But how else am I to explain it?

We either spend all our time working for some corporation that “capitalizes” from our time and effort spent serving their needs, or find ourselves unable to work due to poor economic reasons or “unsatisfactory” backgrounds.

My point?

We spend too much time making others rich… when we should be making ourselves! Below I’m going to show you how to break those chains. Those same chains I myself had to realize needed to be broken in order for me to truly be happy. To truly be “free.”

List Building

There is no real value or point in having an email list if you do not actively build it. Not doing so will only lead to much frustration, low post view counts within your chosen analytics reporting, and no active social or comment engagement.

People online are just like those in real life, this means you must actively “engage” them as you “build” with them.

This requires you understand the To-Do and Do-Not’s of list building as outlined below.

Double Opt-In

As noted in a recent How to Start a Business Blog in 2015 – Part I

  • Slack – The Digital Marketer’s Ultimate Command Center
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