How to Use Dynamic Content Effectively: 3 Simple Steps

By Justyna Bakker-Rakowska

The job of a contemporary marketer is not an easy one. And that’s due to the fact of the ever changing understanding of the whats and hows in contemporary marketing. We‘ve all faced the traditional marketing mix going to the pit. And that pit is as much as there is left of the 4 Ps.

Looking towards 2017, custom content is the trend to follow. Why? Take a look around. Amazon, Netflix, Groupon, Zalando, What do they have in common? For starters, the understanding that no two customers are the same. And the customer journey is not a straight line. How do they do it? They use dynamic content. In fact, over 50% of marketers see dynamic or custom content as their priority (New Release: Abandoned Cart And Website Traffic Tracking

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