How To Structure Your Webinar Content The Right Way

By Marya Jan


How many times have you attended a webinar where you wondered why you bothered in the first place? How many times have you taken the time to show up for a live webinar because good things were promised to you and yet, it was another big disappointment?

The presenter spent 30 minutes talking about their life story, brilliance and all the accomplishments that they have achieved. They showcased the testimonials from their success stories. Then they spent one hour pitching their online program or group coaching program and answering questions so you too can invest without missing any special bonuses.

And all the amazing knock-your-socks-off content that was promised in the emails and the ads was nowhere to be seen. They hardly spent 10 minutes saying the same exact thing they said in the emails. Or, they spent one hour giving you so much intricate detail about an important topic that you didn’t understand and ended up feeling even more confused and overwhelmed.

If you have witnessed a bad webinar, take solace in the fact that you are not the only one. Facebook groups and online forums are rampant with people who are feeling disgruntled with these time-wasting events.

And this is precisely why you need to step up and show people how it’s done.

Planning is key

Before you start promoting your webinar, you have got to figure out exactly what the goal of the webinar is.

Your webinar can be totally free in the sense that you don’t promote anything on the webinar. You can just hold a webinar to build your authority grow your email list or just for practice.

Most likely though, your webinar is going to be a sales tool in your business. You will create one webinar (or more) as part of a bigger strategy to promote and sell something new you are about to launch.

When your goal is to sell, there are two things that you must nail on your webinar for it to do its job:

  1. You must give people REALLY good content so that they stay till the end, and earn the right to promote.
  2. Your free content must naturally LEAD into your PAID OFFERING. For people who have stayed with you, the next logical step should be to invest with you.

When you do these two things right, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your attendees.

Start by choosing the perfect topic for your webinar

Selecting the right topic for your webinar will do wonders for your webinar registrations as well as the show up rate.

Firstly, your webinar should solve a problem for your audience. You should have a really good idea of what your audience struggles with and what are some of their biggest pain points. Brainstorm your webinar topic ideas keeping these in mind.

Also, keep your topic really specific. Refrain from making it an all encompassing webinar that talks about the bigger picture. Tackle one issue and talk about that. By focusing on one element of a broad issue, your topic will turn into a hook that draws people in because they will be enticed by its specificity.

Here are some great webinar titles I found:

  • How to create webinars that sell – David Siteman Garland
  • How to create a profitable Facebook ads system that gets leads and sales on autopilot – Rick Mulready
  • Boost your sales using irresistible offers – Lisa Sasevich
  • How to sell online training programs for premium prices – Vanessa Horn
  • How to use Pinterest for business – Melanie Duncan

Create an outline for your webinar first

I highly recommend that you create an outline for your webinar before you start promoting it.

When you create an outline, you often end up tweaking or changing the title of your webinar. You actually create better headlines that way.

You write stronger copy for your ads, registration pages and on-boarding emails. If you don’t know how to write on-boarding emails (emails that you send out to get people to show up live, check out The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Webinar That Sells

  • How to Launch Your First Ecourse and Make It Sell Out
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