How To Repel The Wrong Customers And Attract The Right Ones

By Ann Handley


As an automation-savvy marketer, you are focused on attracting attention, nurturing relationships, and then converting people into customers. (That’s vastly oversimplified, but basically accurate.). But it’s just as important to signal who is not a good fit for your business, right up front at the “attraction” stage. In other words, it’s just as important that we deter as well as attract.

This seems like odd advice, doesn’t it? You might be thinking: Hold up. We have an innovative, ground-breaking product, and we want everyone to like us! We want everyone to buy!

But here’s the thing: you actually do not want that.

You don’t want to attract all of the people. Instead, you want to attract the right people.

Why? Because it’s a waste of time and resources to nurture relationships with people who are a bad fit for your business. It makes your nurturing programs seem far less robust that they actually are. It’s also emotionally exhausting.

Here’s where good marketing comes in. Because through your marketing, you can signal what kind of clients or customers are a good match for your business.

Here are three ways to deter the wrong customers, and reel in the right ones.

Use a strong tone of voice

I’m a big fan of using a strong tone of voice as a brand differentiator.

What do I mean by tone of voice?

I mean your point of view as expressed through your automation content, the writing on your site and on your landing pages, and on any content you produce (like your social profile pages).

Your tone of voice should reflect who you are – but more importantly, it should signal to your customers what you are like to deal with. It lets them know how you do the work, in other words.

I like the way marketing agency What Marketers Say: Marketing Automation No-nos

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