How to Promote Your Webinar the Right Way

By Michal Leszczynski

Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

Webinars and live streaming videos have quickly become one of the key tactics top B2B and B2C brands use in their communication strategies. This isn’t a surprise. Webinars are just as effective for generating new leads as they are for building relationships with your existing customers. So how can you make webinars work well for you? Step 1: promote them the well!

Webinars – where do you start?

Most of us couldn’t host the Oscars just right off the bat. Then again, after .

3. Include it on high-traffic pages on your website

Another way to spike up the number of people registering for your webinar is to promote it on the pages that are getting you the highest amount of traffic – your homepage, blog, resources, FAQs, and so on.

Use top-bars, pop-ups, or different forms of banners to capture your users’ attention. If your customers have a dedicated panel they use to log in, add the information about the upcoming webinar to the dashboard. Quick headline and an eye-catching visual should spark their interest and get them quickly on your landing page.

If you don’t think all your users would benefit from the webinar – or simply don’t want them to know about it – make sure you present the information only to the selected group of people. Show it on the pages that are closely related to the topic of the webinar, or to the users who have visited a certain number of pages on your site. By focusing on the right segment, you’ll have a greater chance to increase your conversion rate!

Consider who’s going to benefit the most from this webinar. Are these your blog readers? If so, write a teaser article in which you’re going to start the discussion on the topic of your choice. The chances are you’ve already integrated it well with your RSS so that all your blog subscribers will get the chance to find out about the webinar – in a perhaps subtler and more convincing way.

4. Use paid advertising

I’m going to assume that you already know that on top of using emails and your own website, you should also promote your webinars across your social media channels. Create a queue of posts with a social media planning tool like Buffer or CoSchedule, post messages in the relevant groups you’re already participating in, and change the cover images so that anyone visiting your profile will quickly learn about the upcoming event.

That’s what you can achieve without investing too much from your budget. But if want to increase your reach, you’ll want to secure some budget for paid advertising. Use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Promoted Pins, and more to reach wider audience. If you want to do some more reading around this topic, I highly recommend these two articles – Is Facebook Advertising Really Worth It? and Beginners Guide to Social Media Advertising by Hootsuite.

5. Partner up

Just like with any other project or event, you don’t have to do everything on your own. In fact, your audience might like a fresher or slightly different perspective than your own, and hear a guest-speaker instead.

In other words, from time to time, you should partner up with other brands to do a webinar together! This way you can not only divide the efforts of creating relevant and valuable content but also share the costs for promotion!

If you’re not a fan of doing a webinar together with other brands, consider allocating some of your budget to promoting through your partners. They don’t have to take part in the content creation, but it won’t hurt you if the information about your presentation would reach the eyes of a larger audience.

They could share the information about the event through banners, a dedicated blog post, or just feature it in their newsletter. Whatever you decide on can have a positive effect on your final number of registrations.

webinar promotion

6. Use less-common media

There are other creative ways you can secure a higher number of registrations for your webinar. They are simple, subtle, and most of all – effective! What do I have in mind?

One solution is to get your Sales and Customer Support Teams – the people who have the best and most frequent contact with your customers – to add info about the webinar into their email footer. A simple hyperlinked banner or a short PS-note can get you more engagement from the people who are already interested in your offer!

Another way to get more registrations is to use teaser videos. A short invitation to the webinar could be included on your registration landing page or simply as a separate post on your social media channels. It will be easier to digest. If you’re a great speaker, you can show it even through a 30-second long video!

webinar promotion

Plan, promote, and practice

As I said before, the key to running a successful webinar lies in three areas: planning, promotion, and practice. One can’t go without the other. So if you’re thinking of running an online presentation, give it some time to think about each of these elements.

And if you’re worried you’ll get overwhelmed by the promotional process – remember, if you use marketing automation, your effort won’t be wasted. You can use the automated workflows for future campaigns, saving yourself time for other projects.

webinar promotion

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