How to Master the Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media Automation

By Krista Wiltbank


If you’ve been reading our Way to go, Andrew and Pete, for creating the best auto-DM! If you can make your DM as funny as theirs, go ahead & automate it. The humor factor does a lot to counteract the distastefulness of an auto-DM.

  • You sound robotic, not human.

Have you ever tweeted to complain, say to an airline, about a problem with your flight? Or your opinion of their service? And received a rather upbeat (automated) response that completely disregards your complaint? Not cool. American Airlines did that once… and the Twitterverse caught on. The airline got some negative press when Twitter users started taunting the airline over the automated upbeat tweets.

  • You lose flexibility in times of tragedy.

It’s bad form to keep up your business as usual posting during a time of crisis or tragedy. (And even worse to capitalize on it, but that’s a different topic). Rule number one for social media during a tragedy is stay silent. The exception to this rule is if the tragedy occurs a city/state/geographic area where a company is based. In that case, it’s okay to post your brand’s concerns because the tragedy affected your company’s community.)

Pause all your scheduled social media posts for 24 hours.

  • You send identical messaging to different social channels.

It’s also bad form to have your messaging read identically across all your social platforms. Hashtags don’t function on LinkedIn the same way they do on other platforms, for example. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to include a hashtag on a LinkedIn update, but it makes tons of sense to use them on Twitter. Not to mention that posting etiquette varies from platform to platform. So it makes sense (even when you automate posts) to customize your messages for each network.

Do any of these sound familiar? Anything like the general “don’ts” of email marketing automation? With an adaptation for the real-time nature of social media, of course. That goes to show that different forms of marketing automation follow the same general rules. It only needs adaptation for the individual channels.

What do you think about automating some of your social media efforts? Have you noticed any benefits, or run into any pitfalls, after implementing social media automation in your business? Share your story in the comments!

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