How to Grow Your Audience With Native Advertising

By Harrisson Dawson

Native advertising has been around for quite some time. And now it’s found a new home in the digital world. The Internet offers marketers new ways of using this tactic effectively. As such, the basic definition of native advertising has changed quite a lot and has broadened its scope.

What Is Native Advertising?

Strictly speaking, native advertising is any piece of sponsored content that matches the layout of the platform it’s published on. In other words, native advertising blends in with the other pieces of content, to the point where it doesn’t look like sponsored content at all.

It first started in print media, as advertorials. These articles that looked and read just like regular editorials, but they were designed to advertise a certain service or range of products.

On the internet, marketers have many more options when it comes to native advertising. They can sponsor results in Google Search. They appear above organic results, with a small box marked ‘ad’ next to it. Similarly, on Facebook, you can pay for sponsored ads to appear in news feeds, just like regular Facebook content. And the field of Why you Should be Forming Strong Relationships with Bloggers

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