How to Get Your Customers to Buy Again with Etsy + AWeber

By Liz Willits

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When it comes to your email marketing strategy, writing relevant email content that converts prospects into customers is probably one of your top strategies. Who doesn’t want more customers?

But besides your prospects, you have another type of subscriber who is just as important to your email marketing strategy and often easier to connect with: your customers.

Since you’ve already convinced your customers of the value of your product and the expertise of your company, convincing them a second time is easier. And this is especially true if you have amazing products or services and excellent customer service.

This means that creating an email series specifically designed to convert your customers into repeat customers is smart. You’ll get more sales while saving time. And if you sell your products on Etsy, this is easy to do with the Etsy and AWeber integration.

What Is Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade items and vintage art. If you don’t want to worry about designing, managing and promoting your own ecommerce site, Etsy handles running your site for you, giving your products visibility within its marketplace. This allows you to spend more time creating your products and less time maintaining an ecommerce site.

Although Etsy provides the platform upon which to build your Etsy store, you are in control of customizing your Etsy store to your brand, from naming your store to stocking your shop to setting prices. To get started, just take photos of your products, write your product descriptions and then publish your products to your Etsy store.

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Once a prospect buys a product on your Etsy site, Etsy will deposit the transaction money directly into your bank account, and all you need to do is ship the buyer their purchase.

On top of that, because Etsy integrates with AWeber, your customers will be added to the email list of your choice once they purchase and confirm their subscription.

Turn Your Etsy Customers into Repeat Customers

Imagine you have a successful greeting card store on Etsy. One of your business goals for 2016 is to get more repeat customers by sending your customers an email series after they purchase a product on your Etsy store. The purpose of your email series is to introduce your customers to other similar products on your Etsy site and compel them to purchase again.

With Etsy and AWeber, your customers are added to the email list of your choice when they purchase and confirm their subscription, which makes setting up your email series a breeze. You even can choose to have customers added to a specific list when they buy a certain product.

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Let’s say the most popular product in your Etsy store is a red panda greeting card. To convince your red panda card customers to purchase from you again, you decide to send them an automated email series after they purchase.

Since you want your email series to be contextual (because contextual emails engage your subscribers best), you create a dedicated email series for your red panda card customers. When your customers purchase your red panda greeting card, you send them an automated email series that tells them about products similar to your red panda greeting card.


Here’s an example of what your red panda greeting card email series could look like:

Email 1: Thank You for Your Purchase
Email Content: This email thanks your customer for purchasing, tells them when they can expect to receive their red panda card and introduces your company.
Goal: To start building a relationship with your new customer.

Email 2: Love Your Red Panda Card? Check Out This Red Fox Card
Email Content: This email contains a picture and product description for one of your other best selling cards: your red fox greeting card.
Goal: To introduce your red panda card customers to similar products.

Email 3: 20% Off This Week Only: Wildlife Greeting Card Assortment Pack
Email Content: This email gives your subscribers a 20% discount on your assortment of ten greeting cards.
Goal: To create a sense of urgency to convince your subscribers to purchase your greeting card assortment.

Use Etsy + AWeber to Get More Repeat Customers

Connect Etsy to your AWeber account today to start sending personal emails to your Etsy customers right after they purchase.

Not an AWeber customer yet? Start your free trial today!

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