How To Create An About Us Page That Makes People Care

By Pam Neely


What’s the purpose of an “About Us” page? Is it about you, or your visitors? Is it filler copy pushed out just before you launched your site, or a carefully planned story that brings people in and makes them want to help your cause?

Hopefully, you’re in the second group. You’ve thought long and hard about your About us page, creating a storyline that’s as much about your visitors as it is about your site. You’re using your About page as the document that defines who you are and how you’re different. It’s a positioning statement, a mission statement – even a worldview. All in one.

Or maybe not. Unfortunately, About us pages tend to be woefully neglected. Most of them are a mere 1-2 paragraphs, apparently typed out fast just before a site was launched. And that’s too bad. Because for most sites, the About us page is the second-most visited page on your site. Yup – after the home page, the next busiest page is your About Us page.

A lot of people are looking at those two flimsy paragraphs you wrote so long ago. And they are making the decision about whether to stay on your site or not based on what they read there.

Despite the dire warning, this is actually good news. If you’ve got a weak About us page, improving it just means your business will do better. And if you’ve already got a good about us page, making it into a thing of beauty will kick things up a notch.

Think like your website visitors

The first thing to do to improve your About Us page is to change your viewpoint. Instead of looking at your page the way you would, look at it the way your site visitors would see it – or better yet, the way your ideal customers, readers, or clients would see it.

Not sure how to do that? Sometimes the best way to force yourself into this is to imagine you’re about to speak to these people. Imagine you’re standing just off-stage, about talk to a room full of them. What would you say?

If that’s too stressful to imagine, scale it down. If you were about to sit down and talk to your ideal customer over coffee, what would you tell them about yourself?

Consider separate About Us pages for different types of visitors

The first stumbling block people run into at this point is defining whom they’re talking to. If you’ve got multiple audiences (aka “Three Simple Ways To Improve Site Speed

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