How To Create A Content Calendar

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A content calendar is crucial for focusing efforts, maximising resource and being effective. Here’s how to create one for your business or client.

Content calendars aren’t new and they’re not complicated. So, why a post dedicated to creating one? Honestly, it’s meant to act as a catalyst. A content calendar is for:

1) people who are just starting out and have never seen, used or heard of a content calendar

2) those who know that they should plan content better but, still fall into the trap of bashing out reactive content with little regard for overall marketing communications and outreach, including sales strategy.

Quick Bit On Why A Content Calendar Is Important

(Skip this if you already know, you’re just not doing it yet.)

There are plenty of articles dedicated to this but here’s a super-short rundown. Who doesn’t like a short and snappy check list? Planning for the next 6 to 12 months means:

1) Hello Events

You’ll never miss an event, whether it’s important to the company, to the country or to the world.

2) Smashing Deadlines

You’ll never miss a deadline, because everything is so clearly planned out in black and white.

3) More Glorious Time

There’ll be time to give to reactive content that you can’t plan for, which means what you write will be of a higher quality than if you’re trying to fit in reactive content around other unplanned communications activity.

4) Joined Forces

Everyone involved will know their role and responsibilities, so no excuses for not pulling your weight. Plus, if everyone feels involved, they’re much more likely to get behind the idea of content and even contribute ideas for campaigns.

5) Bye Bye Tedious Repetition

You’ll see clearly if a particular piece of content could be used by different departments for different reasons, i.e. by PR for outreach, by marketing for email campaigns and newsletters or by social media teams for, well, social I suppose.

No Faffing Allowed

Once convinced and inspired to create a content calendar, just do it. Here’s how:

When it comes to creating a content calendar, there are some simple things that act as great building blocks for more complex additions. Start with a month-by-month template, one month per Excel tab, each with the days along the top and the dates underneath. Then start populating…There are lots of templates available online, here’s “Content is King” – in Email Marketing Too

  • world_marketing2014 Retail Email Calendar: Time to Plan! [Infographic]
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