How Relevant Content Can Grow Your List and Increase Subscriber Engagement

By Brandon Olson

Jason Miller speaking at ASCEND Digital Marketing Summit in Philadelphia, PA
LinkedIn’s Jason Miller speaking at ASCEND Digital Marketing Summit in Philadelphia, PA

The online world is saturated with content. Need proof? Look at your inbox. How many promotional emails do you get on a daily basis? Or look at your Facebook news feed. I don’t even remember liking that page!

With so much content seemingly shoved in people’s faces, how do you break through the noise and grab someone’s attention?

It’s tempting to think: “I have to create more content so I can get noticed.” But don’t fall into this trap. The solution is surprisingly much simpler.

At our recent ASCEND Digital Marketing Summit, Jason Miller of LinkedIn put it this way:

“We don’t need more content, we need more relevant content.”

Providing relevant content helps you break through the noise because it gives people what they’re looking for at the right time in the right place. You’re providing them real value, and they’ll continue to come back to you for solutions to their challenges.

Why relevant content is important

When you provide people with relevant content, it not only helps them feel better about their relationship with you (i.e., they like you more), but it also makes them more likely to buy from you in the future.

On the other hand, providing irrelevant content can harm your relationship with them. In fact, nearly half of people would consider ending their relationship with you or your brand because of irrelevant promotions.

So, relevance is paramount to building and maintaining a strong, profitable relationship with your customers, prospects or audience.

Once you have established trust with your subscribers through relevant content, they’re more likely to take action on what you’re asking them to do.

When you think about relevance in the context of email, there are two major ways relevance can help your email marketing:

Relevant content helps you grow your list

When you answer people’s biggest questions, they’re going to naturally gravitate to you and want to learn more from you. You will become a trusted source of solutions to their challenges.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to invite them to join your email list to learn more and get additional help along the way.

Relevant emails keep subscribers engaged

Providing relevant content doesn’t stop once a subscriber joins your email list. You’ve now set an expectation that you’re going to continue providing them with relevant content.

One of the most effective ways to increase subscriber engagement is by providing them with email content that is relevant to their needs or interests.

Sending relevant emails to your subscribers not only helps your email deliverability, but more importantly, it produces amazing results. You’re strengthening the relationship you have with them, and at some point they’ll be ready to take further action (e.g., buy a product, sign up for a course, etc.).

When it comes down to it, subscriber engagement (i.e., when a subscriber opens and clicks through your emails) is your ultimate goal as an email marketer.

How to produce relevant emails

Creating relevant emails is easy. As Jason Miller puts it, simply answer people’s questions better than anyone else. And it starts with knowing what questions people have.

Here are few ways to find out what questions people have:

  • Think of common questions people ask you when you’re talking to them in person.
  • Send your subscribers an email asking for feedback.
  • Ask your social network what their greatest struggle is.
  • Search online forums and see what common questions are being asked.

You’ll quickly discover some of the common questions and challenges people have and you’ll be well positioned to start creating relevant content for them.

Here are some helpful resources to help you create relevant emails for your subscribers:

Are you ready to create more relevant content?

With so many competing voices in the online world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to break through and grab people’s attention.

The solution isn’t to create more content to out-yell the competition. Instead, the solution is to be best answer – provide real solutions to people’s questions and needs.

So let’s make a pact:

We don’t need more emails, we need more relevant emails.

What results are you seeing from providing your audience with relevant content? Share them in the comments below.

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