How Brand Advocates Can Help Your Business

By Olga Kolodynska


You probably have at least one marketing specialist in your company. If not, I assume you’re a marketing manager yourself. Somebody has to, right? But what if I told you, that you could have 50 or even 500 marketing people, working for you? No, not in your office. How would they would fit in there?

They’d work online, all over the world. Well, maybe “work” is a too big word. They’d create awareness about your brand, writing about it and recommend it to their friends. Sounds tempting?

But who are they? How can you find them? Well, these people are called brand advocates. You already know them, because they’re your customers.

But before I go any deeper on how they can help your business, first you need to identify them amongst your clients.

Identifying brand advocates

One of the greatest ways to identify brand advocates is NPS (Net Promoter Score). NPS is a customer loyalty metric. It’s the opposite of the surveys with tons of questions customers are not really willing to answer. NPS bases on the one and only question: “How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or a colleague.”

To answer this question, customers choose a number between zero and ten. They can also leave a comment explaining their choice.

Answers from zero to six mean they’re distractors. Pay closer attention to this group because they’re at the highest risk of leaving. Answers from six to seven mean that customers are passive about your product. And 9-10 means that they’re promoters! Voila! You just found your brand advocates.

So let’s talk about what they can do for your business.

Brand advocates spread good word of mouth

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