How AI Helps, Not Replaces, Content Marketers

By Cheryl Baldwin

What Marketers Say – Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2017

When I hear people talk about advancements in technology, I often think of devices, machines and apps. But the origins of the word technology are from the Greek word techne, which means “art, skill, cunning of hand.” The definition of technology is a “collection of methods, skills and processes used in the accomplishment of objectives.” In short, a tool or a method of getting something done.

As humans, we’ve been inventing new ways to get things done since the dawn of our existence. Whether it’s the stone tools of the earliest documented homo erectus or the invention of the wheel circa 3500 BC, our technology has been advancing for 1.7 million years.

At the end of the day, technology is about improvement. Humans have come so far as a species that today’s improvements involve machines and devices. And lately, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning.

Here’s where a hush falls over the crowd. What if machines become smarter than humans and take over the world, like in Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot stories?

In films like Spike Jonze’s Her, which depicts a technologically advanced near-future, the rise of artificial intelligence poses some necessary questions.

What do our relationships with smart machines – ones capable of thinking – look like? How do we coexist? Will they take our jobs? Will they replace our human relationships?

Heady questions, but in my opinion, the rumors of our humanity’s demise are greatly exaggerated!

Various films have skirted the edges of these questions, and while there’s no direct commentary, marketers can infer how the emergence of mainstream artificial intelligence will help, not replace, content marketers.

AI comes in peace.

Today, technology has ingrained itself into the fabric of optimal methods of marketing a product or service. In fact, I’ve argued What Marketers Say – Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2017

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