Guide For Improving Conversion In WordPress eCommerce

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WordPress is a popular option for eCommerce. With its versatility and many eCommerce plugins, it’s a strong platform for running your own online store. However, simply setting up an eCommerce site doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make money online.

You need to be conscious of your site design and web copy and how that will impact your visitors’ decision to buy. To boost conversion rates on your WordPress eCommerce site, start with these six tips.

Improve Your Website Speed

Website speed is an important factor in online shopping. Every single second delay in loading your landing page can drop your conversion rate by 7% according to Kissmetrics. Therefore, speeding up your site keeps your visitors more engaged, so more of them follow through with your call-to-action. You can boost your WordPress site’s speed by starting with these simple tips:

1) Choose a reliable web host. You can’t control how fast your web host’s servers are, but you can control who you choose to host your website with. Working with a company that owns faster servers will mean a faster website. Even if you’ve already set your site up with one host, it’s possible to switch to another if you find your current web host provider is not meeting your business needs.

2) Enable browser caching. Browser caching means that repeat visitors will access certain site files from their browser instead of your website’s server. This speeds up the site for subsequent visits. You can enable browser caching through plugins like How To Fix A Frustrating 500 Internal Server Error

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