Getting To Know Email Marketing Automation [Webinar Recording]

By Lon Safko

Jason Falls on Marketing Automation for Human Beings [Webinar Recap]

What is email marketing automation and who is it for? What are the legal requirements if you want to run an email marketing campaign? Our recent webinar guest, Lon Safko, gave us his answers and provided actionable tips on how to automate your communication, and sell more online.

Why you need an Email Service Provider (ESP)

Email, the original social media, can be a very effective channel of communication. If you use an Email Service Provider like GetResponse, it’s easy to run your campaigns and build strong relationships with your audience.

There are a number of advantages why it’s worth running your communication with the use of an ESP. Some of them are:

  • Easy list management. This means unsubscribes, new sign-ups, bounces, and spam complaints will be dealt with automatically
  • Additional features, such as sign-up forms, pop-ups, and apps, that can be quickly plugged into your site to collect new leads
  • Good deliverability and relationships with ISPs, to make sure your messages reach the audience
  • Web analytics and knowledge about your recipients

Legal requirements

If you’re running email marketing campaigns, you should know exactly who you’re communicating with. If your audience is located in different countries, e.g. USA or Canada, the legal requirements might be different. In fact, in the US, you’re communicating under the Jason Falls on Marketing Automation for Human Beings [Webinar Recap]

  • Getting Started With Marketing Automation: Webinar Recap + Recording
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