Four Simple Marketing Automation Moves & When To Make Them

By Andrew Davis

Lead Scoring Lessons from a Card Counter

Lessons from a card-counting and marketing master

“If you’re like most marketers, you get a little upset every time someone unsubscribes from your email,” says keynote speaker and marketing whiz Trish Witkowski. “It’s almost insulting to think that someone decided you weren’t worthy of their inbox,” she adds. But the truth is, Trish Witkowski doesn’t get upset anymore.

Oh, she used to feel confused, and sometimes even disillusioned when someone hit the dreaded unsubscribe link on her weekly email, but that was before she started learning to card count.

That’s right, Trish Witkowski has spent the last eighteen months studying the strategies and tactics of Las Vegas card counters, and it’s changed the way she looks at marketing automation (and even business in general.)

The problem with our marketing automation mindset

“We are too emotionally invested in our marketing,” says Trish. “That’s why we feel a little slighted and unsettled every time someone unsubscribes from our content.”

Instead of wondering why someone decided to leave our marketing automation flow or trying to determine what might have happened, great marketers look at every unsubscribe objectively. “Every unsubscribe is one less lead to waste our time pursuing, which means we can spend more time closing the prospects who ARE interested,” observes Trish.

You see, Trish learned the art of thinking objectively about her leads at the Blackjack tables in Vegas.

If you’ve never played Blackjack, it’s a simple card game: you against the dealer. Whoever gets closer to 21 without going over, wins the hand.

Now, most of us play Blackjack the same way we look at our Lead Scoring Lessons from a Card Counter

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