Five Habits That Will Significantly Improve Your Productiveness

By Peter Davidson


Everyone has a different definition of success, but of all the different definitions out there one thing remains constant: and that is that successful people get things done. Highly successful people get things done and they get them done in an extraordinarily more productive manner than the average Joe.

It does not matter the job you have, the money you make or where you work, everyone strives to be more productive. We all want to do better, do more with our efforts and do it in less time. Maybe it is the fact that there is just something about a productive day at work that permeates a sense of euphoria. Or perhaps, it has something to do with this “busy” digital day in age in which we live, where the odds of us getting distracted and veering off task are highly more likely than they once were. Who knows really? What we do know, is that for many people not being successful is not an option. It is merely a question of how and when they will reach this point in their life that remains a mystery.

There is a very common misconception about productivity in general, that is, that being productive simply means doing more things. In fact, “doing more things” is pretty much the opposite of being productive. Instead being productive refers to do more but with less motion. In other words, getting more done by “doing less things.” Make sense?

Habit No. 1: Less Is More

Conference speakers (not one in particular, I have heard it from many) often stress the fact that when it comes to productivity in life, less is more. What these conference speakers mean by this, is that one should take care not to be overeager in creating a To Do List. In fact, many conference speakers recommend cutting your To Do List in half in order to increase productivity. Seems strange, right? This is a valid point and effective way to manage one’s productivity levels.

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