Five Content Curation Recipes Your Social Media Audience Will Devour

By Aaron Orendorff


Let’s face it… there’s a reason words like “infoxication” and “infobesity” have been invented: none of us can stomach the towering piles of content shoved onto our plates.

As a result, social media users in particular have chosen one of two routes: either they’re overly discerning about who they let into their social media timelines – ruthlessly avoiding any person or brand that doesn’t bring highly valuable content frequently – or they simply follow everyone yet ignore 99% of what’s shared.

As a brand, you want to make the cut. And you don’t want to be ignored. But how can you bring any new information when it seems everything has already been covered? You don’t.

If you really want to help your followers out, step away from creating new content from scratch and guide them through what’s already there. I’m talking about content curation.

What is content curation

Content curation is the process of gathering information on a topic, sifting and sorting it, then presenting it in a meaningful and valuable way, much like the work of a museum curator, from which the name was derived.

Some get this process confused with aggregation, but the two couldn’t be more different. Aggregation is algorithmic. Five Sources for Great Newsletter and Blog Content

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