False Advertising Can Get You Sued

By Riya Sanders

How Social Media Monitoring Can Generate Leads

Do you have millions in pocket change you can afford to throw away? If so, feel free to plaster billboards from coast-to-coast with deceptive, false, and misleading information about your product or service. Actually, you might want to have at least a few hundred million to pony up because the penalties and loss in stock value sometimes add up to that when it comes to deceptive and misleading conduct. We have some misleading and false advertising examples we’ll show you later but, for now, we want to get quickly to critical tips for staying on the right side of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The old bait-and-switcheroo

When it comes to bait-and-switch advertising, regulators examine a merchant’s intent as the discerning factor. To be classified as “bait,” it must be established that the merchant is How Social Media Monitoring Can Generate Leads

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