Facebook’s Completely Ending Its Email Service – Here’s Why It Matters To You

By Monica Montesa

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If you have subscribers with an @facebook.com email address, read on. Facebook announced that it is retiring its email service completely and will stop forwarding messages to your primary email addresses starting May 1, 2016. (Facebook already stopped providing new @facebook.com addresses back in 2014.)

To make sure your emails continue to get delivered to your subscribers, I recommend asking those who have an @facebook.com email address to update their subsciption with a different address. This will allow them to receive your content, and will prevent an increase in bounce backs, which can negatively impact your email sender reputation.

Asking Subscribers to Update Their Email Address

Creating a segmented list of subscribers based on their email domain is the best way to send a targeted message to those who have an @facebook.com email address.

If you’re an AWeber customer, simply follow these instructions to create a subscriber segment. For this particular search, you’ll want to choose “Email” under “Select Field.” In the field next to it, select “contains” and then write in “@facebook.com” in the third field. Here’s what it should look like:

After you’ve saved your subscriber segment, create and send a new message that asks them to update their email address to continue receiving information from you. Be sure to mention the changes Facebook has made so they understand why they must take action right away (you can read more about it here).

For AWeber customers, here are instructions on how your subscribers can update their contact information, which I also encourage you to share.

Have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below, or contact our support team today.

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