#EmailChat with @KristenWritesIt: Content Crash Course

By Olivia Dello Buono

Not sure what to write in your emails? You’re not alone.

That’s why we asked Kristen Dunleavy, Content Marketing Specialist (and AWeber’s resident content queen 🏼), to give us a 1-hour crash course into all things content.

From what to write in your welcome email to crafting the perfect subject line, here’s the seven things you need to know before you hit ‘send’ on your next email:

You’ve got to start somewhere.

Before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), you have to define your goal and expected outcome.

But why? Isn’t that just more work?

While defining your expectations and creating a content strategy might take a little more effort upfront, it will actually save you time in the long run.

Check out this guide to creating an email editorial calendar.

Q1. Where’s the best place to start when it comes to writing emails? #EmailChat pic.twitter.com/eGxj0zKFzy

— AWeber (@AWeber) May 19, 2016

A1. Start with a goal in mind. What do you want people to do after reading? #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) May 19, 2016

A1. I’m a big fan of the “sloppy first draft” (coined by @annhandley). Jot all your thoughts down first, then go back and refine. #EmailChat

— Olivia Dello Buono (@oliviadello) May 19, 2016

A1. Before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), you have to define your goal and expected outcome. #emailchat

— Brandon Olson (@BrandonSonofOle) May 19, 2016

Content that delights always wins.

One trend that’s not going away? Personalization. Subscribers want content that’s relevant to them.

Learn more about delighting subscribers with contextual content.

Q2. What types of content perform best in emails? #EmailChat pic.twitter.com/nt9juJXteO

— AWeber (@AWeber) May 19, 2016

A2. Content that delights, just because, always wins. #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) May 19, 2016

A2. What DOES work best is highly relevant, personalized content in your emails. #emailchat

— Brandon Olson (@BrandonSonofOle) May 19, 2016

A2: Relevant content always outperforms. Give subscribers the information they need or they crave. #EmailChat

— Katey Charles Comm (@KateyCharles) May 19, 2016

Here’s how to measure the effectiveness of your content.

The #1 sign of an effective email campaign? Your click-thru rate. Great content should drive your subscribers to take action.

Keep an eye on your open rate, too. It’s your email’s first impression – make it a good one.

7 Email Marketing Metrics You Should Track (and What They Mean)

Q3. How do you know if your email content is effective? #EmailChat pic.twitter.com/t4uLO57QTk

— AWeber (@AWeber) May 19, 2016

A3. Watch your click through rate. Effective content drives people to take action. #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) May 19, 2016

A3. Analytics both in your email and on your site. Add UTM’s to your links to better track end to end conversions. #emailchat

— BrandBlox (@BrandBloxNet) May 19, 2016

A3a. Basic metrics—opens, unique clicks and click-through rates—are a good place to start. #emailchat

— Antonio (@AspiringAntonio) May 19, 2016

Here’s what to write in your next email.

“There are two types of people in this world: those who struggle with developing consistent, valuable content for subscribers, and those who don’t.”

Raise your hand if you identify with the former. 🙋🏽

One of the most common challenges email marketers face is knowing what to write in their emails. That’s why we’ve pulled together some great resources to help you come up with ideas for your next campaign:

Out of Email Ideas? Try Repurposing Your Best Content

Don’t Know What to Write in Your Emails? The Answer is Here

Q4. What are some common challenges with writing for email? #EmailChat pic.twitter.com/TPyeOBHqP3

— AWeber (@AWeber) May 19, 2016

A4. Not knowing what to write is a big one. That why we made this course: https://t.co/eKBIjZk2N4 [/end shameless plug] #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) May 19, 2016

A4. Don’t send things just to send. I’m a firm believer in fewer, better emails. #EmailChat

— Olivia Dello Buono (@oliviadello) May 19, 2016

A4. I think keeping up with what your subscribers want can be challenging. (1/2) #emailchat

— Monica Montesa (@missmontesa) May 19, 2016

Just say “no” to click bait.

There’s no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to writing subject lines, but there are a few tactics that will get you results. Check out this post for the 6 types of subject lines that will improve your open rate.

Q5. What makes a great subject line? #EmailChat

— AWeber (@AWeber) May 19, 2016

A5. Short, sweet and relevant to the content inside the email. #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) May 19, 2016

Q5. Subject lines targeting these emotions: exclusivity, urgency and excitement, or security, simplicity, and engagement. #emailchat

— BrandBlox (@BrandBloxNet) May 19, 2016

A5. Whether it’s curiosity-, gain- or logic-based, a great subject line gets the “open” and does NOT mislead the reader. #emailchat

— Antonio (@AspiringAntonio) May 19, 2016

Need to send an email, like, now?

So we’ve talked about content planning and maintaining an editorial calendar, but what happens when you’re reaalllly in a pinch and need to get content out the door?

Meet Curate, the app that lets take content aggregated from across the web – or even your own blog – and create a beautiful, responsive email newsletter in minutes. (Did we mention you can do it all from your phone?)

Q6. Do you have any tricks for overcoming writer’s block? #EmailChat

— AWeber (@AWeber) May 19, 2016

A6. Try sending a curated email newsletter. And what do you know? @AWeber has an app for that! https://t.co/9SOpfenS7v #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) May 19, 2016

A6. I try to repurpose existing content and put a new spin on it. It helps get the creative juices flowing. #emailchat

— Samuel Hollis (@sillohmas) May 19, 2016

A6. Sometimes if I’m stuck or short on time I will speak my thoughts and use my phone to transcribe what I’m saying. #emailchat

— Brandon Olson (@BrandonSonofOle) May 19, 2016

Email inspiration starts here.

The best writers are readers. Take a look at what other’s are sending and make note of what works and what doesn’t. Make it your own!

Check out these resources for more inspiration:

Q7. Where’s a good place to go for content inspiration? #EmailChat pic.twitter.com/KAz2usfw8q

— AWeber (@AWeber) May 19, 2016

A7. Again, surveying your subscribers and addressing their challenges via email can be a big win. #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) May 19, 2016

A7. I’m subscribed to a ton of different email lists to see how they’re doing things… sometimes that’ll spark new ideas! #emailchat

— Monica Montesa (@missmontesa) May 19, 2016

A7. Your own inbox! Take a look and see what emails captured your attention and borrow a few elements to test for yourself. #EmailChat

— Olivia Dello Buono (@oliviadello) May 19, 2016


We’ve teamed up with @SproutSocial to bring you the next #EmailChat, Using Social Media to Build Your Tribe, on Thursday, June 2 at 12pm ET. Save the date!

We’ve teamed up with @SproutSocial for the next #EmailChat on Thursday, June 2nd at 12pm ET. Save the date! pic.twitter.com/ea62a6RCbv

— AWeber (@AWeber) May 20, 2016

What do you want to chat about next? Send me a tweet or leave a comment below and you could see it featured in an upcoming #EmailChat.

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