#EmailChat Recap: Understanding Your Email Analytics

By Olivia Dello Buono


From deliverability to open rates, email analytics give you real-time insight into the success of your campaigns. So why is it that they often get a bad rep?

While these reports may seem overwhelming, they can help you make major improvements to your email strategy. In yesterday’s #emailchat, we asked marketers to share their tips for understanding these metrics:

1. The “most important” email stats are the ones determined by you.

  • Opens & clicks are at the top of my list. They’ll tell you how effective your subj line & CTA are! @KristenWritesIt
  • Subscriber growth is one that is often overlooked as a metric to follow. Did you get more subscribers this week vs last? @BrandonSonofOle
  • It depends on the intent of the email for me. I use opens to help determine how people feel about my brand in general @ClickPop

2. You can re-engage stale subscribers.


  • Send a targeted email to those who didn’t open it the first time, but tweak the subject line to be more engaging! @missmontesa
  • Test as much as possilble. Leverage GA tags within the email to see when people are responding and what they do next! @michael_resetar
  • Try running a campaign with reengagement in mind. @oliviadello

3. Your call-to-action is key.


  • Your CTA copy should be clear, concise and get people excited to click! @KristenWritesIt
  • Optimize your email[s to be] mobile friendly. Otherwise you’d miss huge number of clicks @hussain4seo

4. Low open rate? Here’s how to fix it.


  • Avoid the spam filter (limit the # of links you provide/no words like “sale”,”free”, “rich”, “deal” in subject line) @michael_resetar
  • Clean up your list of uninterested subscribers. Yes, try to re-engage them, but learn to let go if they don’t respond. @BrandonSonofOle
  • Ask your subscribers what type of content they’d like to see more of in future emails, and craft your emails accordingly! @missmontesa

5. Test all of the things.


  • One thing that wasn’t mentioned was frequency. Sometimes less is more when it comes to your email cadence. @oliviadello
  • I’d also say to test your send times. Does am or pm work best? What day(s) of the week? Test until you find that sweet spot! @missmontesa
  • Ideas for subj line tests: ask a question, try a listicle (ex: 8 Reasons Why..), use action verbs (create, get, make, etc.) @KristenWritesIt

6. Make sure your readers get your messages in the first place.


  • Build a quality opt-in list of recipients. Don’t cut corners. Never buy lists. @jwrigley1
  • I shared 4 things that hurt your email deliverability and how to fix them in this article. @BrandonSonofOle

7. Send. Awesome. Content.


Want more?

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