#EmailChat Recap: Tips and Tricks for Creating Responsive Emails

By Olivia Dello Buono


More than half of all emails are opened on a mobile-device (53%, according to Litmus). So what does that mean for email marketers?

In yesterday’s #emailchat, we asked our guest Tweeters to share their tips and tricks for creating responsive emails. Here are 7 ways to make sure yours are mobile-friendly:

1. Keep content “snackable.”

  • The same content as desktop, just in a format that is “snackable” and full of imagery so that it’s memorable. – @jskyles
  • Keep your content short and to the point. – @emwillits

2. Less is more when it comes to images.


  • Sparingly. Too many can look cluttered and messy on a small screen. – @oliviadello
  • I’ve learned to avoid using images with text imposed in the image itself. Doesn’t always scale well. – @tnrt
  • Don’t feel compelled to always include images. Test out variations to see what your subscribers actually want and expect – @ClickPop

3. Smaller screens require a little more planning.


  • I typically make headlines a bit smaller, and paragraphs a bit bigger for smaller screens. – @r_kimberlyc
  • As a general rule, take a mobile first approach to email design and progressively optimize – @ClickPop
  • Make sure your content is to-the-point. Try shortening your subject line and avoid “fluff”. – @oliviadello

4. Litmus is the go-to tool for testing email campaigns.


  • @litmusapp gives you a great environment for testing html emails on all sorts of clients – @ClickPop
  • I think we are all going to mention @litmusapp here but they even have great resources in addition to the products they offer – @r_kimberlyc
  • If you have a variety of devices around the office, test it and view it yourself! – @missmontesa

5. “I like big buttons and I cannot lie.” – Justine Jordan


  • Make sure buttons are wider on mobile to make sure they’re easy to touch and have one clear call to action – @r_kimberlyc
  • Nothing worse than a link that is IMPOSSIBLE to click. (And my fingers aren’t even big!) Size your links/buttons accordingly. – @oliviadello

6. Optimize the entire user experience.


  • Make sure that you’re linking to responsive landing pages, etc. – @ClickPop
  • Sign up forms should be responsive as well! – @missmontesa
  • Pretty sure we nailed it today: concise content, big buttons and a whole lot of testing. – @oliviadello

7. Need inspiration? Take a cue from these brands.


  • I really love @etsy’s emails. They use images, buttons & content really well. – @missmontesa
  • I read @casualspectator emails almost exclusively on my phone and love the experience. – @ClickPop

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