#EmailChat Recap: Email Marketing Resolutions

By Olivia Dello Buono


Last week, we asked email marketers to share their email marketing resolutions in our weekly Twitter chat series, #emailchat. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or new to the email game, here are 7 great ideas to keep in mind when planning for the New Year:

1. We’re calling it: 2016 is the year of content.

  • Write better emails. It’s a totally different medium than blog and social posts. Lots of room for improvement here! @tnrt
  • Provide even more value to more people through my email campaigns @JeromyABailey
  • Be more consistent. Take back transactional emails. Revamp email design. Better content. We want subscribers to <3 our emails @kickboxio

2. We all define email marketing success a little differently.


  • Better design, and adding smarter CTAs to drive conversions. @missmontesa
  • Providing more value in our blog newsletter – we now share relevant webinars, guides, etc along w/ our blog content. @BrandonSonOfOle
  • Telling my story while building a relationship all through automated follow up sequences. @PayOwn

3. But we all agree: consistency is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to email.


  • Biggest obstacle? Consistency. Not enough #emailoptimizeddogs in my messages… yet. @tnrt
  • Consistency with the email list. It’s a ton of content. @JeromyABailey
  • Being consistent helps build trust and credibility. And that is EVERYTHING when it comes to your brand. @oliviadello

5. Open rates are a good way to measure the success of your email marketing.


  • Opens! Clicks! Conversions! Bounce Rates, not so much, we’re always good there! 😉 Spam Reports. Unsubscribes. @kickboxio
  • Opens = how effective your subject line is / Clicks = how engaging your content and call to action are @BrandonSonOfOle
  • Opens, primarily. Engagement trumps all – a direct response, or click-through to my site is awesome. @tnrt

5. Setting realistic goals can help you create a smarter, more achievable content plan. resolutions-q5

  • Plan with realistic goals in mind & your New Year’s planning will be much easier! @krisasaurus

6. Plans change. Revisit your goals throughout the year.


  • Breaking up the big lofty goals into digestible milestones that I know I can hit. @tnrt
  • Regularly checking my email plan & making improvements as needed! Plans can change, so keep them flexible. @missmontesa
  • Regularly revisiting your plan. Setting aside time to reassess is important. @BrandonSonofOle

7. Email automation is the one trend to watch out for this year.


  • I see email automation and hyper-targeted messaging getting HUGE in 2016! @missmontesa

Thanks to everyone who participated! Be sure to join us this Thursday, January 7 at noon ET as we talk about what to write in your emails.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@aweber). See you there!

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