[#EmailChat Recap] Content Curation

By Olivia Dello Buono


Sharing is caring. At least when it comes to content. That’s why we’re huge fans of curated emails.

Curated emails are a collection of relevant, useful content that you share with your subscribers. We love it because it’s an easy way to keep your readers in the loop without having to spend time creating original content of your own.

Here’s seven more reasons why curated content is a keeper:

1. Content curation is sharing with intent.

A1. Content curation is a collection of information that is shared with intent. #emailchat

— Olivia Dello Buono (@oliviadello) March 10, 2016

A1. Helping to share useful information with others in your community #emailchat

— Andy Obusek (@obusek) March 10, 2016

A1. When you scour the internets for great content that is relevant to your audience – and share it! #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) March 10, 2016

Key Takeaways:

  • Curated content should serve a purpose. What is it you want them to get out of it?
  • It helps foster community among your subscribers.
  • Keep tabs of great content you find online and save it.

2. Got a case of writer’s block? Curation is for you.


A2. You get good vibes by associating yourself with smart ideas – also it’s a lot easier than writing everything on your own #emailchat

— Chris Vasquez (@ClickPop) March 10, 2016

A2: A pro is saving time and energy. The content already exists, therefore, you don’t need to create it. #emailchat

— Antonio (@AspiringAntonio) March 10, 2016

A2. Big time-saver. You’re already reading this stuff, so sharing it w/ subscribers is natural. #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) March 10, 2016

Key Takeaways:

  • Associating yourself with good content is a great way to present yourself as a thought-leader.
  • Ever have those times where you need to get something out but you get hit with a bad case of writer’s block? Save time and energy by using curated content.
  • We’ve all had those moments where we read an amazing article or see an image that inspires us and we want to share it with everyone! Curation lets you do so.

3. Relevancy is key to a successful curated email.


A3. I tend to save everything I like and then take a couple passes to winnow down before I send #emailchat

— Chris Vasquez (@ClickPop) March 10, 2016

A3. I use content relevant to my audience. The kind of content I know they’d love. #emailchat

— Elisabeth Willits (@emwillits) March 10, 2016

A3. Relevancy. Don’t send out a mishmash of content. Have a clear purpose! #emailchat

— Olivia Dello Buono (@oliviadello) March 10, 2016

Key Takeaways:

  • Before you hit ‘send’, be sure that the content feels right.
  • Make sure what you’re sharing is something your audience would expect from you.
  • Your curated emails should have a clear purpose or goal.

4. Start with the 80:20 rule.


A4. Original content is so important, but I think it’s good to start with a small # of curated articles and see how subs respond. #emailchat

— Monica Montesa (@missmontesa) March 10, 2016

A4. I like the ratio of 80 percent original, 20 percent curated content. #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) March 10, 2016

A4. I also think you can mask your own content as curated – curate from your own properties! #emailchat

— Andy Obusek (@obusek) March 10, 2016

Key Takeaways:

  • Curation is great, but don’t forget that your readers signed up to hear original content from YOU. Start off with shorter servings at first and see how your subscribers respond.
  • In numerical terms, an 80:20 ratio of original to curated content works well.
  • Don’t forget that you can curate from your own original content!

5. Curation comes with it’s own challenges.


A5. I’ll rewind and bring up the relevancy factor. You can’t share everything to everyone. (See what I did there, @tnrt?) #emailchat

— Olivia Dello Buono (@oliviadello) March 10, 2016

A5: Biggest challenge with curating is putting my own personal spin on things. Curation is not just content dumping. #emailchat @aweber

— Tom Tate ✋✌ (@tnrt) March 10, 2016

A5. Telling a consistent story using someone else’s content #emailchat

— Chris Vasquez (@ClickPop) March 10, 2016

  • You can’t share everything you like. Send with intent.
  • Don’t forget about your own voice – curation is not content dumping.
  • Your emails are still YOUR story.

6. Content creation tools are your friend.


A6. I use Pinterest and Feedly to save both images and articles that I want to come back to later – and share. #emailchat

— Olivia Dello Buono (@oliviadello) March 10, 2016

A6. #markdown with a plain text editor is a great way to add your own commentary on content you #curate #emailchat

— Andy Obusek (@obusek) March 10, 2016

A6. Welllll, we do have a content curation tool in the works! #emailchat

— Monica Montesa (@missmontesa) March 10, 2016

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep tabs on your favorite content by subscribing to a service like Feedly or creating interest-specific Pinterest boards.
  • Markdown is a great way to add commentary to curated content using a plain text editor.
  • Stay tuned for something big…

7. Need inspiration? Subscribe to these newsletters.


A7. I always look forward to my @paper_li newsletter! #emailchat

— Kristen Dunleavy (@KristenWritesIt) March 10, 2016

A7. @theskimm and @ofakind send out great curated newsletters! #imafan #emailchat

— Olivia Dello Buono (@oliviadello) March 10, 2016

A7. @daveverwer also has another great #ios newsletter of curated content #emailchat

— Andy Obusek (@obusek) March 10, 2016

Key Takeaways:

Subscribe to these great examples of curated content for great content ideas:

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