Do Words Still Dominate the Digital World?

By Meenakshi Krishnan

5 Core Principles For Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy And Outreach

Content has come a long way. It has been transforming the way marketers formulate their strategies to expand reach. Each brand has its own interesting story to tell. Amidst new digital transformation and major innovations like live streaming, video blogging, audio and so on, written content still has its own role to play. It’s still king. Content marketing dominated yesterday, it is dominating today, and it will dominate in the days to come. Businesses need to re-think their strategies and work on new ways to deliver content that can create a customized sales and marketing funnel to both existing customers and prospective ones.

This digital age is letting all businesses have a strategic marketing approach which involves content marketing. Valuable, relevant content is created and distributed in various forms that include blogs, videos and social media posts.

“When we say to be authentic, we mean you should make it clear that your stuff has the stamp of an actual person or actual people and that that person or those people have the qualities that make for a compelling approach to content as a solid foundation for the start of your relationship with your audience.”

― Ann Handley

Content marketing then and now

Entertaining and educating content has reaped rewards for many years now. Content was a part of marketing in earlier days too. Exactly 127 years back John Deere came up with “Furrow,” a farming magazine, as the first step to content marketing. It was a huge success. Six years later Deere’s company came up with yet another storytelling medium for their agricultural brand that helped struggling farmers a big way. Content marketing took over from this.

Today, content marketing is a trend. Apart from content production, marketers understand better about the way content gets distributed and how best one can utilize the available data to analyze for all future strategies.

Recent 5 Core Principles For Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy And Outreach

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