Creative Blog Promotion At Its Finest

By Dante Munnis


We are currently in the midst of an incredible era of entrepreneurship and online content. People are building brands that are going to be the examples we use ten years from now. While some folks are focusing on products, others are building communities (or as Seth Godin says – Tribes). Leadership and vision is one thing and I hope these keys will help get the eyeballs onto your content…and keep them there.

If you are looking to build an audience for your blog, stop it. You don’t want an audience; you want a community. An audience is passive – it reads and watches and goes away; a community is active – it reads, gets involved and gets social.

So, how do you capture that community? Certainly not by doing what every other blogger does. That involves producing posts that you want to write because you like the topics and because you think they are important. And somehow you expect a magical community to appear and think you are better than the latest video of a dog and a deer playing in a backyard. (Seriously, I watched that video and it was cute). You will have to do things differently, and you will need to get creative about two things – how you package your blog content itself and 9 Excuses That Prevent You From Becoming a Successful Blogger

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