Create Memorable Brand Stories Using Data

By John Waldron


All good journalism should tell a story. If we want to capture the hearts and minds of our audiences, then all writers – including business bloggers – need to turn to the narrative techniques perhaps more readily associated with the great poets and novelists, and recount their industry’s latest news and developments in a style that builds drama, suspense, and ultimately delivers its key messages in an emotive, memorable fashion.

Not an easy feat, by any stretch of the creative imagination – especially when, instead of flawed heroes and dastardly villains forming the heart of the subject matter, we instead simply have bare facts and raw figures to somehow inject life into.

Separately, of course, content marketers are mostly already aware of the importance of both storytelling and the use of hard data in their campaigns. But to combine the two…? Really? Is that possible?

Well, when we think about it, the idea of creating memorable brand stories using data actually makes a lot of sense. Bloggers often use data to back up any opinions they may put forth in their articles, statistics are very hard to argue with. But, in the end, isn’t data just a bunch of soulless numbers that, despite their exactness, do little to engage the emotions?

Solving this problem is something that has, in recent times, been given a lot of attention by content marketers, and indeed now some serious traction has formed under the wheels of data storytelling in content marketing campaigns. And I really do mean ‘serious traction’, as the very existence of How To Create An Engaging Brand Narrative On Twitter

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